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Welcome to Renlita Overhead Doors

The Renlita name has been associated with the door industry in Australia and overseas for more than 45 years.

Our products include the manufacture and installation of a range of versatile commercial doors, industrial doors, residential doors, retail doors, sliding doors and special purpose doors.

The Renlita Door offers architects, designers and end users a well proven, reliable and robust door. Different models, configurations and flexibility of finishes and materials allow specialist products to be supplied to suit individual customer needs.

Our Product Range
  Aluminium Renlita Door Aluminium Renlita Door
The Renlita all-aluminium counterweight balanced door makes an outstanding statement. A contemporary concept offering luxury, elegance and durability with no visible welding.
  Series 1000 Floataway Doors Series 1000 Floataway Doors
The Renlita Floataway Single Leaf Series 1000 Counterweight Balanced Door is secure, easy to operate and provides architectural versatility by accepting most types of cladding.
  Series 2000 Hingeway Doors Series 2000 Hingeway Doors
The Renlita Hingeway Series 2000 Counterweight Balanced Door is designed for industrial / commercial applications where minimum internal projection is desired.
  Series 3000 Foldaway Doors Series 3000 Foldaway Doors
The Renlita Foldaway Series 3000 Counterweight Balanced Door is designed for commercial / industrial applications, spanning up to 30m wide.
  Sliding Doors Horizontal Sliding Doors - Renlita Horizontal Slide Doors can be designed to suit your application, consisting of single or multi-leaf design.
Vertical Sliding Doors - Renlita Vertical Slide Doors are available in various cladding options and is counterweighted for ease of operation.
  Special Purpose Doors Special Purpose Doors
Most of the Renlita range can be purpose designed to meet client specific requirements, be it architectural, structural, accoustic or thermal.

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  Brochure Downloads:
Download PDF brochures for our Series 1000, 2000 and 3000 products here:

  Download the Renlita Series 1000 PDF brochureRenlita Series 1000
Floataway Doors

  Download the Renlita Series 2000 PDF brochureRenlita Series 2000
Hingeway Doors

  Download the Renlita Series 3000 PDF brochureRenlita Series 3000
Foldaway Doors

Renlita is a member of the ARA Group

Latest News

M&E Expo
Renlita, together with the ARA Group, is exhibiting on Stand 1133 at the 2012 NSW Mining & Engineering Exhibition (M&E), Newcastle Entertainment Centre from 28-30 August. During M&E, the ARA Group will showcase the following services and products it provides to the Mining Industry.

  • Transportable, Containerised Server Room – ARA Electrical
  • Switchboards, Motor Control Centre, PLC Panel and Field Panel constructed by
    ARA Electrical
  • Vehicle Fire Suppression System Demo Unit - ARA Fire
  • Access Control Technologies for the operational management of personnel across mine sites – ARA Security
  • Wireless Access Control Lock System for the management of mine accommodation units, turnstiles and office administration – ARA Security
  • Scale Model of Monarch Renlita Bi-fold and Vertical slide doors used in heavy-equipment maintenance facilities – ARA Manufacturing

For more information on M&E click here

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